About Us

The owner of the Health & Healing Festivals in York, Manchester, Leeds, Chester & Pudsey is Pat Eickhoff
Pat has a medical background having worked for the Home Office, in the NHS and for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in a variety of roles for over 17 years: she then spent the next 20 years running her own business dealing with recruitment and medical companies on a daily basis.
The knowledge Pat gained through her experience of traditional medicine she used to advantage to develop her career further in the area of Complementary therapies. Pat is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Quantum-Touch Technique Practitioner & Instructor, EFT Practitioner & Trainer & Life Coach. She is also a member of the BCMA, Healer Foundation & Trainer for the Healer Practitioner Association International.

In 2007 Pat used her medical and marketing background to open her first two Health & Healing Festivals – one in York & the other in Leeds both dedicated to all aspects of the Mind Body & Spirit and over the past 9 years visitors numbers have increased considerably as the popularity of these two Festivals increased. In 2016 Pat took on & opened 3 more Festivals - in Manchester, Chester & Pudsey which proved to be successful
She will be looking to broadened her sphere to include other areas where there is an interest in Mind Body & Spirit events

Her challenge is to find someone and something new each year for the visitors to appreciate, make the experience for exhibitors and performers rewarding, and to create a vibrant positive energy and atmosphere for people to come along and enjoy the weekend at each Festival

Please come along and meet her